Keynote and plenary talks

– Keynote Talk on “Tiny Machine Learning and Edge AI” at the 2022 International Conferences on Computational Intelligence and Data Analytics (ICCIDA 2022), Jan. 8-9, 2022, Hyderabad, India. 

– Keynote Talk on “Artificial intelligence from the Cloud to the field (and back): challenges and opportunities” at the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Security Conference, Nov. 2021

– Plenary Talk “Is Tiny Deep Learning the new Deep Learning?” at the 2020 Workshop on “Incremental classification and clustering, concept drift, novelty detection in big/fast data context” held in conjunction with the 20th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, November 17-20, 2020.

– Plenary Talk “Intelligence for Embedded Systems” at the IEEE-Sponsored 5th International Conference on Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition (IEEE SoCPaR 2014).

– Keynote Talk “Learning models in nonstationary environments: the Just-In-Time approach” at the Workshop on Active and Incremental Learning held at 20th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Montpellier, France, August 27-31, 2012   

Technical talks

– Technical Talk – IBM Accelerated Discovery Seminar: “Is privacy-preserving computation the next big thing in machine and deep learning?”, Feb. 2, 2022

– Technical speaker on “Artificial Intelligence and Cloud” at the “Tomorrow’s Data Center Forum” organized by VERTIV on March 30, 2021 (Virtual Event).

– Technical Talk “TinyML: the AI solution for the computing everywhere”, delivered at the “John McCarthy Memorial Lecture (JML)” for the year 2020 organized by the IEEE CIS Chapter, Hyderabad Section, India. R10. December 17, 2020.

– Technical Talk on “Internet of Smart Things: where machine learning meets embedded systems” at the 6th Edition of ASTDay: Innovation Domains in IoT, Milano (Italy), February 22, 2018

– Technical Talk on “IoT and AI: l’unione fa la forza”, Convegno Smart Home dell’Osservatorio Internet of Things, Politecnico di Milano, Milano (Italy), February 16, 2018

 Technical Talk on “From machine learning to learning machines (and back)” at the AMD and Supermicro event organized by Digital4Biz, Rome (Italy), November 22, 2017

 Technical Talk on “From machine learning to learning machines (and back)” at the Intel and Supermicro event organized by Digital4Biz, Milano (Italy), September 27, 2017 

 Technical Talk on “Sfide ed opportunità del mondo cyber-fisico” at Technology Hub – Elettronica e IoT Hub, Milano (Italy), June 7, 2016

 Seminar on “Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems based on self-adaptive heterogeneous sensor technological platform” at STMicroelectronics, Agrate (Italy), Nov. 19, 2015

 Invited Talk “Intelligence for Embedded and Cyber-physical Systems: from Theory to Practice” at STMicroelectronics, Agrate (Italy), May 15, 2015

– Invited Talk “Intelligent Embedded Systems” at Larus Technologies, Ottawa (Canada), May 7, 2014

Seminars in summer schools

– Seminar at the 2021 IEEE CIS Summer School on Data-Driven Artificial/Computational Intelligence. The topic of the talk is “TinyML: theory and technology”.

 Speaker at the 2021 Summer School of Information Engineering (SSIE) – “Silvano Pupolin”. The topics of the talks are “Learning in non-stationary environments” and “Artificial intelligence for embedded and edge computing systems”.